Are you tired of seeing your wallet drained by the every rising price in novelty coffees and espressos at your local coffee shop? Tired of giving money to these unnecessary high-end stores just because you want a decent cup of coffee? Well, why not invest in a machine yourself? You don’t have to have had barista lessons to use an at-home espresso machine.

The Cuisinart Espresso Machines are especially easy to use and make excellent cups of coffee. For example, let’s take a look at this . This stainless steel piece of kitchen appliance heaven is sure to be a hit in the mornings at your house. The maker has 15 bars of pressure, which guarantees perfect results with maximum flavor. You’ll be making coffee like the pros in no time.CUISINART-15-BAR-ESPRESSO-MACHINE

Just like the professional cups of coffee you get at your overpriced café down the road, the cuisinart espresso machine has a removable large cup warming plate. Ensuring optimal warmth for all of your beverage needs. It even features a heating light, which illuminates to indicate that the espresso machine is adjusting the temperature of the heating system.

The steam/hot water knob is great to use for just hot water so it doubles as a tea maker as well. The machine can handle both pre-ground espresso & coffee beans as well as espresso pods.

We know that you like your fancy coffees, that’s why you are even considering purchasing a machine of this sort. Well, no novelty coffee can be made without a commercial steam wand. And thankfully, this cuisinart espresso machine comes with on! It is great for use to steam milk for cappuccinos and lattes and blends it to perfection. For your convenience, it even comes with a stainless frothing pitcher to enhance the milk steaming process.

On top of this cuisinart espresso machine being easy to use, it’s also very clean friendly. The machine has a removable drip tray with a grate, so you’ll have to worry less about spilling and more about enjoying that delicious cappuccino you just made yourself. The cleaning pins are provided as well and are great to use to clean any excess milk that gets stuck inside the steam wand or any coffee particles that get stuck inside the filter basket.

Even the measuring scoop that this product comes with is nifty. One side is a convenient coffee scoop, the other is designed specifically to compact those coffee grounds in the filter basket prior to brewing.

The one thing we do miss on this particular cuisinart espresso machine, is the coffee & espresso bean grinder. It does not have a built in option. If you are someone who really enjoys the purest and freshest coffee, then you’ll definitely want to invest in something that has a grinder attached to it. It just makes for an all around better cup of coffee as any whole bean coffee does.

In the end, it’s a great appliance and excellent for first time at-home espresso makers.


  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • warmer trays
  • function knob
  • heating light
  • cleaning pins


  • does not have a grinder
  • heavy

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