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Breville Automatic Espresso Machine

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Are you sick of spending between four and eight dollars on specialty coffees every day? Do you wish there was a cheaper and better option? Well, you’re in luck because there is! You should start looking into investing in an automatic espresso machine for your home. They are super easy to use and will save you hundreds of dollars that you spend every month at those coffee shops where the barista isn’t even that cheerful. (Come on, you work with caffeine all day, how can you not be cheery?)

This  is by far your best choice when it comes to at-home automatic espresso machines. With over 10-different easy to use and noteworthy features, you’ll never hop back into that over-priced coffee shop again.

We’ll start by telling you that the 6.1 fl. Oz (1.8L) removable water tank is a convenient top-fill tank and comes with a handle. It even has a removable & easily replaceable water filter so we can be sure that you’re getting the purest and cleanest cup of novelty coffee you desire.

The 1600W thermocoil heating system circulates the water though a heated coil, which heats the water on-demand. This makes for better temperature consistency and an all around better flavored coffee. It’s commercial style portafilter spouts a 54mm tamper that is stored magnetically on the machine, but is easily removed for easy tamping.

One of the select features of this appliance is the dry pluck feature. Not every machine has this. Actually very few do. This removes excess water from the ground coffee in the filter basket. It might not seem like much to you, but the clean up is SO MUCH EASIER this way.

Another amazing feature that is not always on an automatic espresso machine is the espresso pressure gauge. This helps you monitor espresso extraction pressure, so you know whether the espresso is being over or under extracted. Talk about making a perfect cup! No mistakes will be made with this bad boy.

The volumetric control function allows you to set the volumes of the cups you want to make. These can be reprogrammed for when you start to spice things up a bit and try out new recipes. It’s easy to manually over-ride the preset volumes and then program them to your customized settings. You usually only have to do this once, unless you really start going crazy with the various concoctions.

The steam wand. Yes, you get your own steam wand. This is used for effortless milk frothing for making lattes and cappuccinos. It swivels 360 degrees to accommodate a variety of different sized frothing jugs.

For easy-clean up, this automatic espresso machine comes with the removable drip tray, which also has an “EMPTY ME!” indicator, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to take it out.

Overall the machine is really well made and super efficient. It is 23 pounds, so don’t plan on carrying this off your top shelf every morning. Please read the instructions before you use it. Although it’s not easily breakable, to know what you are doing and to do it properly, you should read the instructions. It’s a great machine once you get the hang of it.


  • easy clean up
  • volumetric control
  • steam wand
  • dry pluck
  • thermocoil


  • takes practice to get it right
  • heavy


3 Best Automatic Espresso Machines


Espresso is quickly becoming the new trend in high-end kitchen equipment. Almost everybody has one and they are constantly raving about the various recipes, the best beans, and how every morning has become so much nicer now that they have a fresh shot of espresso made easily from their automatic espresso machine. It looks like it is due time for you to pick up your new-fangled machine. To make your searching easier, we’ve found the top three best automatic espresso machines that will be sure to satisfy your caffeine craving.

will be sure to give a kick start to every day and quick boost to get you out the door cheerful and quickly. This super automatic espresso machine lets you create coffee that is worthy of the most experienced barista. It’s prefect for the coffee connoisseur and makes light work of creating delicious coffee concoctions. The easy to use espresso machine has a powerful 15 bar pressure that helps to create super-rich taste using either coffee pods/bags or ground coffee. Weather you just fancy the one-cup of coffee or tow, the dual-stainless steel filter gives you complete control in satisfying all of your espresso needs.

This product features a 34-Oz detachable transparent water tank that is very easy to fill and allows you to see how much water you have left. It also has overheat and overpressure protection, making very safe and reliable even for the beginner. Its high pressure frothing function is perfect for making those mid-afternoon cappuccinos and other hot drinks you deeply desire during those cold winter days. A handy warming plate for cups to pre-heat is a fantastic additional feature which adds that perfect extra touch to make your drinking experience more enjoyable. It comes in a stylish chrome housing with an ultra-chic look that will stand out and look great on any kitchen countertop.


Easy to use
Dual maker
Over heating protection
Easy cleaning


Pods bought separately

Next on our list of the best automatic espresso machines is . This is the new face of traditional Italian espresso. The super automatic espresso machine features an elegant brushed stainless steel front panel that looks stunning in any kitchen, and has a compact design that is much more space efficient than it’s counterparts in it’s class. But don’t let the size fool you, this machine takes full advantage of advanced technology, allowing it compete with even the biggest of machines.

The Mavea Water Filter features four stages of filtration before entering into the espresso to purify the water, remove impurities, and reduce scale build up. It gives you the cleanest cup of espresso you’ll ever get. The low energy consumption feature allows it to enter standby mode after one hour of idle time, making it great to save on energy costs and you don’t have to worry about if you turned it off when you’re already half way to the office.

The pre-infusion feature ensures maximum flavor and armoa extraction. It ensures you won’t get that burnt taste you can get with most cheaper machines and reviews excellently for taste and quality.

This machine is an excellent choice for at-home baristas of all levels, but you do need to know that there is not a warning if there are not enough beans in the grinder. This can cause the machine to not function properly and even make you a bad cup of espresso. So be sure you are constantly checking on the level of available beans.


Easy to use
Silver & Black color options
Water filtration system


No warning if there are not enough beans in the grinder
Needs to be cleaned often

Last on our list of options for your espresso needs is . Although on the more expensive side of our findings, it definitely is not one that you should pass by . The patented revolutionary compact thermoblock system ensures consistently hot and delicious coffee every time. And what makes it so delicious? They have an incredible patented system that quickly makes the espresso once the beans are ground so that you don’t loose any of the flavor from grinding the beans. It’ truly brings the Barista taste right to your home. The machine is also one of the more compact units on the market. It’s designed and manufactured in France, where they test every unit and ensure it is the best in it’s class. It features a 15 bar pump, hydraulic automated tamping system and a metallic burr grinder. It truly does all of the work for you and makes you look like you have a natural talent for being a professional Barista.

The system also features an intuitive LCD display system, which makes it easy to choose the correct recipe and to understand the machine. The combination of a 60-Oz removable water tank with empty tank detection and the large bean hooper, ensure that you can prepare several delicious drinks in a row.

Even though we love this machine, we do have a few things to mention on the downside. This machine is heavy, almost like any other machine. It weighs in at 22 pounds. So make sure that when you put it on your counter, you’re going to leave it there. Don’t move it around a lot. The other downside is that this product is new. Which is great because you know that they use the best in technology, but it hasn’t been thoroughly reviewed by your neighbors. If you’re not someone that likes to be the first to test new products, then I would hold off on this bad boy until more in-market testing has been done.


High-end technology
LCD Screen
60-oz tank