Are you looking to upgrade your coffee machine? It’s probably due time for you to take a look at the what we have here in the 21st century for wonderful morning caffeine options.

The is the best in it’s class and truly the exact upgrade that you need to kick start your morning off right. It was designed for lovers of coffee and real espresso who value simple operation and the traditional method of preparing true Italian espresso. The pressurized portafilter with easy server espresso pod adapter, steam wand, and cup-warming surface, allow you to create a variety of coffee, espresso, and other hot beverages. This particular Saeco Coffee Machine is stainless steel, so it looks great in any kitchen and is very easy to clean.

No matter what you try and do, this machine will always produce rich creama and aroma. Whether you’re making a ristretto, espresso, or a café crema, the 15-bar pump pressure and portafilter give it optimal use of the brewing pressure to product a truly delicious cup-of-joe. With every use, this Saeco coffee machine consistently cerates a hazel-brown crema and extracts the ideal flavor from the coffee. It even has an option that allows you to use prepackaged single-serve shots for quick, easy, and delicious coffee making.

With the easy turn dial knob allows you to have full control over the intensitity of the brew. Whether you like intense or mild espresso, the minimal position of the dial products a light creama and the maximum position produces a thicker creama. You can even adjust the strength while the brewing process is taking place.

This Saeco coffee machine makes it very simple to prepare traditional frothed milk with the steam nozzle and allows you to choose the consistency that you prefer. The control light shows you when it’s ready to brew or steam so you can prepare the perfect cup of coffee with a simple press of a button. It also is very convenient to use to make for hot coco, water for tea, and other warm beverages.

You’ll never have a cold up of coffee with the cup-warming surface. It helps to develop and enhance the coffee flavor without giving it that burnt-on-the-bottom after taste. It has enough space to hold up to six espresso cups. So you can serve everyone at the same time with the same heat.

This Saeco Coffee Machine was designed with you in mind. It’s very efficient and practical as well as easily maintained. The drip trip and 85-ounce water tank are removable for an easy cleaning process. The water tank also can be refilled without having to fiddle with taking it out and putting it back in.

Out of all of these great features, it is note worthy to let you know that this Saeco coffee machine is heavy. Don’t plan on storing it in the bottom cupboard and just taking it out when you want to use it. If you invest in this, you need to be using it almost daily.


  • easy to clean
  • prepackaged single-serve shots okay to use
  • warming tray
  • removable drip tray


  • Not good for storage
  • Heavy

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